Guoli-Renhe Restaurant 

Xi'an, China

Guoli-Renhe is a high-end Sichuan restaurant in Xi’an, China, which has a business area of 1,400 square meters and 60 employees with monthly revenue of about 1 million RMB (around $141K).   

Before applying our model, Guoli-Renhe served too few people to make any profit during weekday lunchtime by traditional ordering plated meals. With this model, each person always needs more than ¥100 (around $14) to get a good lunch. 

However, with our smart system, the lunchtime revenue of Guoli-Renhe has been boosted by more than 400% per day. In other words, the revenue increased from ¥1000 (around $141.4) to ¥5500 (around $778.2). Now, Guoli-Renhe is serving 300 people living within 2 kilometers during lunchtime, which accounts for 30% of the population in this area.

Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU) Faculty/Staff Restaurant 

Xi'an, China


Customers could choose 1 meat recipe from 3 choices and 2 vegetable recipes from 7 choices. 

The restaurant only served 120 persons per day and each person spent ¥10 (around $1.4) on average. Based on this model, the restaurant made almost no profit and must rely on subsidy from college.

Food waste was a huge problem for this restaurant without an efficient management system.


Customers could choose food from 35 dishes with various prices from ¥2 (≈ $0.29) per 500g to ¥70 (≈ $10) per 500g. 

The restaurant served about 700 persons per day and each person spent ¥15 (≈ $2.14) on average. Based on our model, the restaurant made ¥70,000( ≈ $9904) net profit each month. 

Additionally, customers were able to access their diet data and use it to help them make better decisions. The restaurant has reduced 60% of waste by improving its supply chain based on our management system.